Why Rent Self Storage in Colorado ?
What are the benefits ?

What are the benefits of self-storage for an individual, homeowner, or business?
Why use self-storage? Why is it that one in ten Americans use self storage or mini storage?

Perhaps the reasons are as varied as the people who use them. Certainly, as Americans we consume a lot. So, one common reason is we don't have enough room where we reside for all our belongings and a convenient 'spare room' of various sizes, depending on our needs, helps us diminish the clutter in which we live. It frees us up.

A lot of people in the last decade have been downsizing their living spaces. Seniors are moving into smaller homes, condos or apartments. Couples and single parents are doing the same as they become 'empty nester's'. Young adults, with or without jobs and lots of toys, are moving back into their parents homes. All of these, despite downsizing their living spaces, are keeping their prized possessions. So, self or mini storage makes sense to them.

Businesses too are using self storage facilities at unprecedented levels and in creative ways. In some of our Colorado facilities, most of our customers are small businesses. Contractors want places to store their tools and supplies. Casinos want places to store their unused decorations, tables and even one-armed bandits. Banks want to store their paper records. Restaurants want to store excess tables, supplies, dishes, etc. They all realize that they need extra space and that it is far more cost efficient, for example, to free up space where they can sell meals and beverages instead of using that square footage to store equipment.

When its all said and done, in our more than twenty-five years of serving people in small Colorado communities throughout the State, people use our self storage or mini storage because its a convenient, cost effective way to make their lives more efficient, less cluttered and comfortable!

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